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Conditions and advice for renting a house or apartment

Rent a house or apartment which is actually the principle of renting. It follows rules such as the institution of a contract and a description. The accommodation must be furnished and equipped. A contract that is. For seasonal leases, a written contract is required (article L324-2 of this tourism code). Why? Why? Why? Why? There is no legislation governing holiday rentals. The contract is the only true method to guarantee the protection of the tenant and the operator. In the event of a dispute, this document will help you understand which principles apply. The contract should be clear and complete as you can. More informations . The quality of the rental depends on its quality. It specifies crucial points such as the owner's contact details with the accommodation, accommodation costs, payment terms and the largest number of taxpayers,

Choosing the right rental investment

As long as your seasonal lot is well located (popular geographic location) and you also demonstrate the dynamic direction of your lease, by maximizing your visibility resources (agencies, free and paid websites, blogs, landlord networks and word of mouth), you are likely to be able to make your investment profitable. Although the occupancy rate decreases at certain important times of the year, this speed is offset by high seasonal rents, averaging $500 per week for a small apartment (studio or two-room apartment of between 15 and 30 m2). Discover seasonal rental on the internet. When negotiating your mortgage, be sure to bring a document with profitability simulations to your lien or loan establishment. A good return could convince him to give you this credit without fear, because even in a rental period, about 3 or 4 months, if you have not made a donation,

Investing in a tourist place

Making your rental investment at sea has several advantages: collection of rental income through seasonal leasing, tax exemption possibilities offered by the status of furnished rental company... and the possibility of living it sometimes as a second home! Apartment or house, you want to invest from the ocean in a property to rent it directly, depending on the year? This can be called free rental; an option that offers a specific freedom, most rentals are made during the summer season. Don't forget to look at the number of kilometres between your rental and the sea. Choose a house close to shops and downtown to allow your tenants to get there. Learn all year round and the rates on the potential of this region. A real estate professional will be able to advise you on this point. Choose attractive areas offering many tourist activities: visits to sites or monuments, hiking, sports... For a better rental, your accommodation should ideally be located in a locality (TGV, motorway, airport...). These facilities will make y

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